Pierce Fulton wants to feed you Italian food!

So there's this kid Pierce Fulton.

I stumbled across his brand new track "Who Wants Spaghetti?" earlier this week, and I'm quite taken with it. I like how it has *melody* and *emotion* - two things that, regrettably, are difficult to come across in electro house. Chords. Melodies. Not just noises and machines. I dig it. I dig it a lot. Behold:

This track is brand spankin' new, having just come out on February 20th. Go buy it!

Being so moved by this track, I checked out some of his other releases, which are also of notable quality. First, a remix of Felix Cartal's "Domo":

And a remix of "What Happens in Vegas" by Chuckie featuring Gregor Salto:

His tracks are structured like rock songs, and they therefore carry some of that same energy and emotion, which I like. Go get his stuff! Check him out! Like him on Facebook!

Pierce Fulton, you're Non Sequitur approved! *yay*

Oh, and ps. he's playing at Vessel on March 17. I just might have to check that out...
  • Pierce Fulton wants to feed you Italian food!
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  • Tuesday, February 28, 2012
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